Last thoughts before Dallas

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How many leagues are represented in Team Spain?

Our training squad is represented by 26 skaters from 9 different leagues: Tenerife Roller Derby, Barcelona Roller Derby, London Rollergirls, Crime City Rollers, Destroyer Dolls (Cáceres), Black Thunders Derby Dames (Madrid), Manchester Roller Derby, Lisboa Roller Derby Troopers and one league from outside Europe: Garden State Rollergirls (New Jersey).In Dallas you’ll get to see skaters who play for Tenerife, Barcelona, London, Cáceres, Madrid and Malmö.

How long have you been skating together as a team?

Less than a year, as this is Team Spain’s first time at the World Cup, but we are sure this is just the beginning of a long lasting and awesome adventure.

Did you have difficulty getting everyone together for training sessions?

Yes, we’ve had some difficulties. Since many of our skaters live in Tenerife, an island in the Atlantic Ocean, we’ve had to do long and expensive trips in both directions to see each other and train together. We also have skaters living in other countries so it hasn’t been easy, but we’ve managed quite well.

How do you feel about the bracket you’re in and who are you most excited to play in the tournament?

Rakel Mesa #11: It’s a hard one, I’m not going to lie, but we are excited about it. Playing against England will be an incredible experiencie, but I think the game I’m most looking forward to is the one against Germany, I want the rematch!

Mercedes Pintado #12:  Well, personally I think it’s a pity that all of the teams in our bracket are from Europe. It’s easier to have the chance to play against those teams than others coming from further away, but let’s see how our fourth game looks like. We played against Germany just 3 months ago, so we already know what to expect from that game. England, of course, is one of the favourite teams to win the tournament and it’ll be fantastic to play at such high level and against those awesome skaters. I’m looking forward to play the Ireland game, I don’t know them as well as the other two teams.

Esther Arocha #111: I am not going to say it is my ideal bracket haha. If I could change something it’d probably be the lack of non European teams. Spain has only had the chance to play together at the Belgian “European Tournament” in September this year and one of the three teams we played was Germany, the magic of the draws I guess. Obviously playing England is always exciting and we’re honored we get to play at such a high level; for me personally it means I get to play many of my team mates from London Rollergirls really far away from home. It’s going to be a completely different experience. So I’d say Ireland is the “unknown team” for us and the game that I am most excited about.

Hija de Odín #78: It’s a hard group. They are some tough opponents that are also more experienced than we are, but we’re very excited and are going to give all we have on the track and make it hard for them. I personally very much look forward to the England game. It’ll be hard but we’ll surely learn a lot.

Anyone we should be looking out for on TS?

Rakel Mesa #11:  I hope that our performance as a team is so good that when the last whistle blows you don’t remember anyone’s name anymore.

Mercedes Pintado #12:  I think we have a bunch of great players, but I’d be very glad if by watching us play, the team work shines more than the individuals. I think that’s the hardest part to achieve for a young national team.

Esther Arocha #111: I won’t name anyone in particular but I’d like to point out the great skating level of TS players. Roller Derby is still a very young sport in Spain, but the country has a skating tradition. Most girls can skate when they start playing derby and I think that makes a difference and it’s only a matter of time that Spanish derby is going to give a surprise.

Hija de Odín #78: Our captain, Esther Arocha, is a great skater and a reference for us all.

Anything else you’d like the derby world to know about TS.

Rakel Mesa #11: Come to Spain! We have siesta!

Mercedes Pintado 12#:  I think we have a great opportunity to show people worldwide how Spanish players skate and make them see that it is worth to come to our country and play against our teams.

Esther Arocha #111: No Spain no Gain.

Hija de Odín #78:  We’re a great team with amazing girls. We haven’t been together for a long time but don’t miss us, we’re pure Spanish energy.


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